Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bones season 5 (eng series)

Finally!!! After months of searching, i was able to find (with some tough luck) all the episodes of season 5 which is tough, since most of the videos are on megavideo on which i can't watch much. >< but i finally found some sites that do have them. they're vureel.com and smotri. both of them have bones 5 and if one doesn't have it, the other usually does. i hope this has made things easier for some of you who are like me.
well with season 4's cliffhanger, i was really looking forward to season 5 and now it has left me wanting for even more -_- there were some episodes that really touched me this season too. but i think the best for me so far has been season 4 finale hehehehehe well, maybe partly because it has brennan and booth together in that episode although it's just a dream. but another reason is that it was soo refreshing to see all our lab 'squints' and their friends in different roles than what we usually see them in.
well, enough of this, i think i've said lots in my other bones post too...i think?? anyway, hope you all enjoy the latest season, 5 and i hope this has made your search easier. i was a little too lazy to post links to the site. sorry about that. and if you're a fan of this great series like i am, then you might be interested in their dvd.