Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ra One (hindi movie)

A video game developer's world spirals out of control when his shape-shifting indestructible virtual creation becomes all too real.
i wanted to see this movie as it looked interesting in the trailers. we don't see much of this type of indian movies, futuristic, action, science fiction, etc. so you can understand me when i say i was interested as to how our hero literally became a superhero. i wondered how the story went, what exactly was it, and why.
well, i have finally finished watching the movie and i have to admit, at no point did i feel like i wanted to fast forward it. yes, since i watched it online, there were some parts that were too dark; many in fact. but ignoring that, as i continued watching the movie, it kept me glued, made me strain my ears as to why all whatever was going on was happening.
although futuristic gizmo and science fiction is not really my cup of tea, i enjoyed myself, especially with the humor at times. especially the intro. had me there for a while, but being someone who plays mmorpgs occassionally, i began to get an inkling of what was happening. hehehe and voila, what i thought was true lol.
it also helped that the songs were really catchy especially 'chammak challo' and 'dildara'. i especially loved the latter, which is a mix of stand by me as well. the tune really went well. the former is so catchy whenever i hear it, it makes me nod my head and my fingers and legs start their rythmic disposition ;p
although i wouldn't say you must go and watch it, i'd definitely say it was worth my time watching it. at least it wasn't a waste like some which i'll not name ehehe

i saw the movie here, hopefully it still works. most links didn't work for me, only the links under vidpe did. hope you guys enjoy.