Monday, October 10, 2011

Royal Family (korean drama)

For 18 years Kim In Sook has been ignored and never regarded as sister-in-law by her husband’s brother and sisters. She’s been isolated by everybody in her husband family and she lived like an invisible person. The thing got worse when her husband died in a helicopter crash. Since then, her mother-in-law tried to turn her into an interdicted person and deprived her of her guardianship of her son. Then Han Ji Hoon, who has a relationship with her mysterious past appeared as the lawyer of JK clan. And he witnessed her miserable situation. Then he decides to help her and resets his goal of life. That is, to turn In Sook, a woman who has been treated as rubbish into a Queen. Ji Hoon leads a double life in JK clan, and makes arduous effort for the goal of saving In Sook. Accidentally he finds that his feelings toward In Sook is more than gratitude and pity. She has become the only woman who makes his heart beating faster at her sight. It’s just an untutored feeling. And he could abandon it just for the sake of In Sook. The story of Kim In Sook’s battle against all odds to rise to the top of JK Group with the help of the lawyer Han Ji Hoon, a man who has supported her since they were children.
Don't be mistaken by the title thinking it is a period drama with royalty or basically just royalty. it's not. it's actually more of a chaebol drama where it's about a reallly rich family who is very powerful. thus in that sense, they're known as royal family.
it's not often that i enjoy these types of dramas as they have a lot of backstabbing, misunderstandings, tragedy, betrayal, basically mainly negative stuff.
and yes this drama had its share of those as well. it made me wish that our hero knew what was going on and hope that he'd still support the heroine and all. i hoped so much for that part to be over that i at times, forwarded some scenes just to get the angst over with lol.
it was that nerve wrecking. hehe the main draw for me was of course our hero, han ji hoon(ji sung) who played a prosecutor fabulously. made me drool. you guys might recognise him from the drama swallow the sun.
despite all the angst and drama going on, i enjoyed this show. something about it kept me going and not stopping halfway through. although a part of me wished there was a more confirmed ending but with open endings, you can always dream your own happy ending hehe and that's what i'm doing. i just wished i could see it. anyway this drama is fully up on many sites of course, but i watched them mainly on epdrama and dramacrazy, enjoy