Friday, June 17, 2011

X-Man (korean variety show)

this is basically a show where the one who's x-man has to try lose the games here on purpose without letting others know and the rest should guess who it is. well that's the gist i got anyway.
this show is hilarious!!! a must watch. it's a pity that not much is uploaded on youtube but the few episodes there are(quite a number actually although not full eps, just segments) they're sure to reallly make you laugh and forget about bad things. hehehe

i've been watching it alone and laughing like crazy alone. i feel crazy myself at times-_- but it's worth it. if i can actually find many other new episodes, i'll be sure to post here those links. for now, just wanted to let you all know about this amazing show. there's a new x-man now but i've only managed to watch ep 5 which is on youtube, if you love korean idols, singers and all, well the entertainers are the ones who participate here. and don't think oh that's so old, from so long and all. they're even better i feel of course, i haven't watched the newer one much but watch the older episodes as well. they're all on youtube, you just gotta look for it, and watch out for this segment 'of course' (danghyunhaji) this is the best hehehhe a must watch from me! below is just one part of the show, you can find other links on youtube, enjoy!!!