Friday, June 3, 2011

Bones Season 6 (eng series)

Bones season 6 is finally all up and complete!!!! and i've finally completed it as well. loved the series. there were some really sad and touching moments especially towards the end of the show but the season 6 finale really made me happy and left me wanting for more. mannn i;m not going to say much as i've talked about this before too.
but here's a spoiler so highlight it if you wanna see it :D brennan is pregnant with booth's child!!! so i'm all hyped up about the next season which somehow seems like it might be the last season for bones awww but anyway you can find all the episodes on they hav tons of links but i watched all on videoobb which worked jus fine for me.
anyway hope all you bones fans out there enjoy this as much as i did. enjoy^_^