Sunday, December 5, 2010

Psyren (manga)

PsyrenYoshina Ageha is a high school student who offers to help people with their problems for 10 000 yen. He'll take care of your stalkers, find your lost animals, whatever you want. One day, when he's heading home, a nearby pay phone rings, and he picks it up. The only thing he hears however is his own voice echoing. After finding a mysterious card with the word 'Psyren' printed on it, his life suddenly changes as he is drawn into a crazy new world.
another manga and this is quite a good one. it's finally completed and i'm a little sad that it ended so soon. well 145 chapters is quite a lot though, but i had hoped it would continue. the ending was nice, but i wasn't like wowed or anything by it. the plot can be quite complicating but as the series progresses, you'll slowly start to understand. the art is great and there's so much humor despite all the action in it. there's also some romance which is a big big plus for me hehehehehe it's one of my favourites in my top ten manga together with 'from far away'. love that latter a lot too hehe
well you can find this series in mangafox and mangareader and it's complete! so you won't have to keep waiting for updates and all. enjoy^_^