Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fairy Cube (manga)

Ian is a special boy - he can see fairies. He seems to have a twin called Tokage who can only be seen by him and a pair of wings on his back. This pair of wings, his father scars to prevent him from flying away as his wife, Ian s mother left father and son. In the city he is in, a number of grisly murders occur. These murders are known as the Fairy Murders as the victims have backs slit open, with blood pouring out in the shape of a butterfly s wings. Ian s childhood friend returns and Tokage gets him into trouble, and slowly Ian begins to unravel the past and realise who he is, and solve the Fairy Murders.
at first, i thought that this was just a fluffy manga so i wasn't really bothered to read it. it also didn't help that it was only 18 chapters long which was a little short for me. but one day, to pass time, i decided to go ahead and read it and surprisingly enjoyed. i won't really say it's excellent but for a manga of that length, i think it's good.
the art is great. and the story could have been even better if it had been longer with more details. but still, it had almost everything that i enjoy-comedy, action, fantasy, romance. the ending was ok for me as i was hoping for a little more. overall, it's a good read to pass your time if you've got nothing to do online. you can find it on mangareader and it's complete. enjoy