Thursday, February 6, 2014

Ando Llyod (japanese drama)

Matsushima Reiji is a genius physicist who studies wormhole theories. One day, Reiji is killed. It is unknown whether his research on wormhole theories caused his death or not. His fiancée Ando Asahi is a capable career woman working at a large IT company. After Reiji's death, somebody is trying to kill her. Lloyd, who looks exactly like Reiji, suddenly appears in front of her. Lloyd came from the year 2113. His mission is to protect Asahi from any harm. Without Asahi's knowledge, Lloyd fights to protect her. Lloyd doesn't know what "love" is and doesn't understand human anger or sadness. At first, Asahi doesn't like Lloyd, but slowly her feelings start to change.

Takuya Kimura was amazing. He was so credible it felt like he was a robot. He managed to play dual roles perfectly and we could see which one was which. The story is actually quite simple, but the main thing about this is the values which they teach us here. There's so much to learn. Enjoyed the show tons, you enjoy it too.