Friday, March 1, 2013

Bachelor's Vegetable Store (korean drama)

The true story of a young man who turned a tiny vegetable store into a nationwide franchise and the obstacles he faces.

there have been mixed reviews of this show saying it didn't really stay true to the title but for me, although there was a lot of melodrama, it also had its good points. for me, a show is a success if it doesn't make me quit halfway and not watch again. we might have our moods as to when we want to watch a specific genre and it's all about our own interests and this show, overall, was good for me.

of course, no drama is perfect. they have their own flaws but if we just take it and enjoy it, then it becomes enjoyable and that was what happened for me with this drama. it was a success for me because despite the melodrama, it made me want to continue and see the happy times between our leads, happy times for our bachelors and basically happy times. who wouldn't want a happy ever after. it also made me wonder how it was going to wrap up the story and because of this, the drama was a success. it made me continue watching till the end and although the ending could have been better, i was still satisfied nonetheless.

i'll only recommend this if you can endure melodramas, sadness and all and go for the happy times. it took quite a while in coming, that's my only complaint. other than that, nothin so enjoy!!!