Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry/Still Marry Me (korean drama)

This drama depicts lives of three women who are closing one chapter of their life and entering the next. Lee Shin Young (Park Jin Hee), Jung Da Jung (Uhm Ji Won) and Kim Boo Ki (Wang Bit Na) are three women in their 30s whose romantic relationships have faltered due to their career ambitions, but find themselves given a chance to make a fresh start.
loved it! loved it! loved it! i enjoyed it so much it was a marathon for me, watching this. this doesn't usually happen with other dramas. not only did i enjoy their new relationships with the new guys in their lives, i also loved the friendship the three of them had. this drama showed 3 women with 3 perspectives of their thoughts and none are right or wrong. there's a lot of life lessons to be learned here not just for women but everyone.
there were so many cute and fluffy moments, and yet at the same time, so many moments that made you think, made you feel the tough decisions they had to make and you really felt for them so much that at times, you were in their shoes. it didn't help that the cast were all such fabulous actors. hehehhe they were all wonderful. what also really made me like this drama was that although there were revelations that made you cringe when you thought about when they'd be revealed, but when they were revealed, it was done so gently you didn't feel embarassed or anything, instead i felt gratitude to the writers for how they brought about the revelations. hehhe you can find this on youtube or epdrama. enjoy!!!