Thursday, October 11, 2012

God's Quiz Seasons 1-3 (korean drama)

Han Jin Woo, Korea's top medical examiner, leads a team of experts in conducting a medical crime investigation after strange events and mysterious deaths occur in a hospital. He first clashes with but is later aided by Kang Kyung Hee, an attractive female detective who possesses excellent skill in martial arts and a strong sense of justice.
One thing amazing about this drama is the rare diseases they find. And they're real too. Not fake. It's amazing how the people are affected. Of course, this drama might not be for just anyone. It's a medical mystery. hehe
The terms used are also scientific so one might be a little confused although they do explain. But despite all these, what i really enjoyed was the characters here and how well they played their roles especially our lead hero, han jin woo. as the season progresses, he gets even better. i think i'd rewatch this even if it's just for him alone, oh and also detective kang kyung hee. loved her too hehehe
in fact, after watching this, i was so inspired to write about the rare diseases that really got stuck to my mind and i actually wrote one simple article. here's the link.
oh and one other thing. the lead actor here, ryu deok hwan, is also acting on 'Faith'. If you don't recognise him, (i didn't at first too until i read somewhere) he's the actor who plays king Gongmin. :D
if you enjoy mystery and medical dramas with really witty humor, and there's loads of that, then be sure to watch this. just google it and you'll find it, i think i watched it on dramacrazy. :) enjoy!!!