Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Legend of Hyang Dan (korean drama)

The drama is a twist to the well known classic story of The Legend of Chun Hyang. The big question revolving around this plot is what if the one that Lee Mong Ryong loves is not Chun Hyang but Hyang Dan? The drama will deliver a refreshing new comedy style.
this was definitely refreshing. it's different from delightful girl chun yang. it's a drama that'll make you smile but unfortunately, it's only 2 episodes. but despite that, i really enjoyed it. i was wondering how they'd complete this in 2 episodes and am glad to say that i enjoyed every 2 episodes. if you are the type who wants more of reality, then i suggest you skip this as it's not much of that. it's just a change from the depressing reality although there is the topic of class and status here too. another good thing is i found the complete episodes on youtube, full with english subtitles. enjoy!!!