Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Duelist (korean movie)

Based on a novel, this beautiful period film centers on a tomboyish detective by the name of Nam Sun (Ha Ji Won, from Love So Divine and Phone) who ends up being assigned to investigate a case revolving around some counterfeit coins. Going deep undercover in a variety of diverse disguises, Nam Sun quickly finds herself chasing after a notorious assassin named Sad Eyes (Kang Dong Won, from Too Beautiful to Lie and Romance of Their Own), who just may be involved in the crime she's investigating.
starring kang dong won and ha ji won, these two had such sizzling chemistry in this movie, just great teamwork, and they managed to pull of the fight scenes fabulously. their fight was literally a tango and i'm sure you'll agree with me when you watch this.
all in all, this is quite a good movie though you might be a little confused at first, but one thing you'll get is they'll be on opposite sides although both will feel that pull towards each other.