Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Patiala House (hindi movie)

At Patiala House lives the Kahlon family ruled by Bauji.They follow his diktats as he tries to hold onto his 'Indian values' in the land of the 'goras'. The younger generations at the Patiala House wants to assert themselves and follow their dreams but are held back by their respect and love for Bauji and the shining example of Bauji's eldest son, Parghat Singh Kahlon aka Gattu. Gattu gave up his dream at the altar of Bauji's biases.
His reward: For the last 17 years he has been working in a corner store.
Will Bauji loosen his hold and let the youngsters find their own dreams instead of following his?
Will Gattu get a second chance to live his life?
What's more important: family or dreams?
And why must we choose one or the other?
it seems there have been mixed reviews to this movie. for me personally, i enjoyed it. initially, i thought that maybe this was another cricket movie with some romance and all, but as i watched on, i was proven wrong. it's more of an inspirational movie, to follow your dreams when you have the opportunity. recently, most akshay kumar movies have been similar, with comedy and romance, etc but this one is more subtle.
it's sad at times, gattu's hesitance and his siblings' opinions are all understandable, it's what we have faced at one point or another in our lives.
to follow a dream, you need support. if you don't have that, it can be quite tough to hold on to the dreams. this movie made my eyes tear at some parts, seriously, and i'm not one known to cry easily. my heart was all choked up sheesh, luckily i was alone hehe
well, you may want to try if you're up for an inspirational movie to boost yourself up as well hehe i watched this on youtube and i watched the one with eng subs so it was easier to understand in case i couldn't hear some words. hope you enjoy